Services for Oracle WebCenter Sites™

For Business and Management

Consulting & Professional Services

Viablist has an unbiased view of things. For us it's common to look beyond the edge of the plate.

We provide consulting and professional services centered on loosly coupled systems such as the world wide web.

Process Management (BPMN)

Viablist speaks business. Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is our language of choice.

BPMN is a visualized, standardized, proven and well tested methodology. We apply it to transform business know-how into repeatable processes as well as to translate business requirements in a generic language.

Project Management & Service Delivery

Viablist can offer a single point of contact responsible for all inter-company agendas.

The service delivery manager is well aware of all ongoing activities and acts as a gateway between all involved corporate departments. Reporting and communication are streamlined, documented and constantly opitimized.

Honesty 100%
Awareness 93%
Responsibility 90%
Chaos 25%
Confidence by competence

Viablist is honest. Even if it hurts. In the long run we have learned that "semi-truth" is a waste of resources.
Viablist feels obligated for all key success factors of a project. Even if we are not "responsible" in the first place.
A service delivery manager appointed by Viablist acts as a gateway and translates tech- to business and vice versa. They do not only integrate different companies, departments and responsibilities but are well aware of all ongoing activies.
Viablist is small and scalable. We use this to our advantage. Working in a slight chaotic environment enables us to deliver innovative and open minded services and ideas.

Services for IT Providers

Requirements Engineering

We collect requirements based on user stories and Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN).

Data Modelling

We use Entity–relationship modelling for Oracle WebCenter Sites™ propiertary database architecture.

Web Design

We design and implement state-of-the-art, responsive, bootstrap-based, lightweight frontends.


Templating is focused on editorial usability and performance on delivery systems. All levels of caching are considered.

Software Lifecycle

Software development for Oracle WebCenter Sites™ includes planning, conception, continuous deployment and publishing to delivery systems.

Performance Analysis

We identify and resolve performance bottlenecks for both editorial and production environments.


Interactive knowledge bases are built on top of the official sources and custom developments are well documented. We share our know-how.


Hands-on and technical workshops for administrators and developers are available. Our knowledge is based on years on experience working with Oracle WebCenter Sites ™.


We can provide 2nd level support for both administrators and developers. We will not ask as many questions as official support. Promise.

Business centered 100%
Solution architect 93%
Agile methodology 89%
WTF Moments 2%
Confidence by competence

We try to really understand our vis-à-vis before we implement something nobody wanted in the first place. We work with agile methodology using rapid prototyping and deliver proof-of-concepts and intermediate results faster than classical project management approaches. Our ultimate goal is to exceed our customer's expectations.

Although we have years of experience developing for Oracle WebCenter Sites™ we are glad still having WTF moments. This is one of many ways to truly get to know proprietary products. We aim to become and stay best in class.

Services for Editors


We provide tailor-made know-how transfer on how to efficiently use Oracle WebCenter Sites™ (hands-on) for your very specific job description.


We provide advanced trainings and best practices for editors already familar with Oracle WebCenter Sites™ (theory and hands-on).


We use interactive knowledge-bases to compile knowledge for your company's customized Oracle WebCenter Sites™ content management system.

Content Delivery

We will learn to speak and master your corporate voice. Our porfolio ranges from stock company press releases to best practice instructions on how to build single family brick house.


We are the energetic, sincere accompanist for your everyday live. Our support is focused to free up your schedule to let you focus on your core business.

Anything else?

We will do anything to put a smile on your face ;-) by constantly expanding our service portfolio.

Humor 92%
Stress resistance (after coffee) 89%
International experience 85%
Efficiency 81%
Confidence by competence

Resources are precious and scarce. Our team has a charming sense of humor and we think that interpersonal relationships are one of the key success factors in operative business.
We sum up years of experience working together with editorial teams all over Europe.
We work self-reliant and dialog oriented. We treat your time as the most valuable good. If we ask questions they will be relevant.


2016 by Marcel Klotz, IT Project Manager and Solution Architect at Wienerberger AG, IT Applications:

“I love working with Viablist. Andreas is a great enrichment to our projects and understands it to convince with elegant solutions and to make them available in a timely manner.”