Services for FinTech


Consulting & Professional Services

Viablist has an unbiased view of things. For us it's common to look beyond the edge of the plate.

We provide consulting and professional services centered on loosly coupled systems such as the world wide web.

Process Management (BPMN)

Viablist speaks business. Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is our language of choice.

BPMN  is a visualized, standardized, proven and well tested methodology. We apply it to transform business know-how into repeatable processes as well as to translate business requirements in a generic language.

Project Management & Service Delivery

Viablist can offer a single point of contact responsible for all inter-company agendas.

The service delivery manager is well aware of all ongoing activities and acts as a gateway between all involved corporate departments. Reporting and communication are streamlined, documented and constantly opitimized.

Strategy to Operations

Viablist offers full stack service including strategy, requirements engineering, conception, design, proof of concept, usability guidance to operations and further developments covering the complete software lifecycle

Rapid Prototyping

Viablist works iteratively. Rapid prototypes help us validating ideas and performing a proof of concept to verify business ideas.

Web Application Development

Viablist is specialized in applications and services focused on web. This involves the connection and usage of existing IT landscape.

Digital Asset Management

Viablist is currently working on developing a full stack application to digitalize asset management. This includes process automatization and algo based decision management.

Confidence by Competence

Business centered 100%
Solution architect 93%
Agile methodoly 89%
Transparency 85%

We try to really understand our vis-à-vis before we implement something nobody wanted in the first place. We work with agile methodoly using rapid prototyping and deliver proof of concepts and intermediate results faster than classical project management approaches. Our ultimate goal is to exceed our customer's expectations.

BPMN outlines what a software application really does. Sophisticated processes can be visualized, well documented, totally transparent and most importantly: well tested. This helps saving headaches and costs in the long run and guarantees the extensionability of the software product.